Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Disc now available!

The first disc in the series is available on Lulu hopefully everyone will enjoy the first couple lessons. I hope to have the second disc ready soon. Things are taking longer than expected but we are working on streamlining the editing to get more finished by this spring.

Jon Hooper


  1. Just received DVD, it's really great. Roughly when could we expect the next release?

  2. excellent dvd tutorial - when are the rest coming?

  3. I'm planning buying this dvd's, but it seems they aren't released. What's happening?

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  5. I think this will be fantastic! My only worry is after going through the first minute or two of the intro, it sounded as though you were sitting next a racetrack. What was up with the car engines and screeching tires? Will it have background noise like that all throughout?

    This looks to be a GREAT course!!! Thanks for offering it!

  6. Bump. Any news on the next dvd releases?

  7. We are coming out with the workbook DVD's in a week or so which have all the handouts and animation examples. The only thing they won't have are the classroom and hands on videos.

    I will keep you posted


  8. 2011... I discover your site and would like to get your DVD... It is not avalaible anymore on Lulu website... how can i get it ? ... from France...

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  10. hi, i will buy when all those are release becouse im from mexico and could be a litle xpensive buy one by one because the shipping. any way that you release the dvds online??

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